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International Preclinical and Clinical Testing Symposium

24-26 May 2023
SEPR - 46 rue du Pr Rochaix - 69003 Lyon - France
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What is Cosmetotest?

Cosmetotest is an Annual International Professional Symposium dedicated to Preclinical and Clinical testing of the Cosmetic Industry.

Organized by SKINOBS and COSMET'IN LYON in partnership with SFI2C and DIIP and with the support of the AURA region and the Cosmebooste project, Cosmetotest allows cosmeticians around the world:

  1. To listen to academic and applied lectures and interact with participants

  2. To meet test partners, exhibitors, CROs or instrumentation manufacturers,

  3. To participate in demonstrations of devices made by exhibitors

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The Conference

The first edition of COSMETOTEST was held at the ENS-LYON on 24 and 25 May 2022. 250 attendees, 46 speakers and 30 exhibitors contributed to the success of these two professional and focus days. The speakers shed light on the latest advances around key topics: Pollution - Inflammation - Allergies; Solar - Pigmentation - Aging; container-content interactions during the first day dedicated to preclinical testing. The second dedicated to clinical tests dealt with the radiance of the complexion and shine of the hair, the barrier function of the skin and sensitive skin.

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Conference Program

24/05 : SFI2C Day (Société Francophone d'Imagerie et d'Ingénierie Cutanée)*
* Conferences of 24/05 are in French with a live traduction in English.
  • Session 1: Face exploration
  • Session 2: Cosmetics treatments and home devices
  • Session 3: Skin diagnostic and home devices
25/05 : Cosmetotest Clinical Day
  • Session 1: Well-aging and mature Skin (>65 years)
  • Session 2: Growth and Regeneration of Hair and Nails
  • Session 3: Evaluation of the prone to acne skin
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26/05 : Cosmetotest Preclinical Day
  • Session 1: The place of organoids, spheroids and organ-on-chips in dermocosmetics
  • Session 2: Endocrinine Disruptors Evaluation
  • Session 3: Parallel of in-vitro and in-vivo testing








Exhibitors (ancre)


24/05: SFI2C Day

25/05: Clinical Day

26/05: Preclinical Day

14 exhibitors

 20 exhibitors

18 exhibitors

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You want to exhibit? You still can!

Please contact Ophélie at



"Cosmetotest is an opportunity to discover innovations developed by laboratories that are experts in biological models and clinical evaluation, a veritable panorama of the best-in-class in terms of evaluating the biological activity of biomolecules and natural substances. It is also a time to meet and share with these experts, thus strengthening existing partnerships or building new ones around innovative projects. Conferences and discussions feed the creativity of R&D and marketing teams, pushing towards ever more cutting-edge and inspirational “active ingredient” innovations, serving cosmetic brands worldwide."

Sébastien HAMEURY
Marketing manager - GREENTECH

"​Cosmetotest is a subtle mix of science and technology that brings scientists closer together and industrialists driven to develop the cosmetics of tomorrow. All have the same sensitivity. The « focus » format is totally adapted and shows singularity. The talks are ponctuated by convivial moments."

Fabrice MONTI
CEO & Principal Co-founder - Microfactory

"This first Cosmetotest event was a great opportunity for face-to-face communication between testing laboratories (CRO) and manufacturers. Also, presentations from CRO were interesting and helped to further our overall understanding of the strong points of each CRO. Additionally, we were able to talk directly with exhibitors and discuss topics in greater depth."

Branch Manager , Senior Researcher - KOSÉ R&D FRANCE

"​I was delighted to participate in this first Cosmetotest, an event born of a brilliant idea of Anne Charpentier (SkinObs). It was an opportunity to discover or rediscover various players involved in preclinical and clinical research, to meet them and to compare and contrast their approach to the various topics. I particularly liked the format chosen for the presentations, spotlighting certain innovative technologies or underlining certain key skills of the providers through their participation in an innovative project on current issues."

Anne-France de BENGY
Founder - AF BIOCELL
Practical information
Train TGV long.png

From Lyon Part-Dieu train station

By metro (22 minutes - 1,90€)

  • Walk to the station "Part-Dieu V.Merle" (about 5 minutes🚶‍♂️)

  • Take line B direction "Gare d'Oullins" to "Saxe Gambetta" (2 stops, about 4 minutes 🚈)

  • Take line D direction "Gare de Vénissieux" to "Grange Blanche" (4 stops, about 6 minutes 🚈)

  • Walk to "46 Rue Professeur Rochaix" (about 5 minutes🚶‍♂️)

👉 Take this route


From Lyon Perrache train station

By metro (19 minutes - 1,90€)

  • Walk to the station "Perrache" (about 1 minute 🚶‍♂️)

  • Take the line A direction "Vaulx-en-Velin La Soie" to "Bellecour" (2 stops, about 2 minutes 🚈)

  • Take the line D direction "Gare de Vénissieux" to "Grange Blanche" (6 stops, about 9 minutes 🚈)

  • Walk to "46 Rue Professeur Rochaix" (about 5 minutes 🚶‍♂️)

👉 Take this route


From Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport

In Rhônexpress & tramway (1h 02m - 18,20€)

  • Walk to the stops "Lyon Saint Exupéry" (about 8 minutes🚶‍♂️)

  • Take the Rhônexpress direction "Gare Lyon Part-Dieu" to the stop "Meyzieu Z.I" (about 4 minutes 🚄)

  • Walk to the tramway station "Meyzieu Z.I" (about 1 minute 🚶‍♂️)

  • Take the line T3 direction "Gare Part-Dieu Villette" to the stop "Dauphiné - Lacassagne" (8 stops, about 24 minutes 🚊)

  • Walk to "46 Rue Professeur Rochaix" (about 15 minutes🚶‍♂️)

👉 Take this route

Press (ancre)


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