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24/05: SFI2C Day

* Conferences of 24/05 are in French with a live traduction in English.

Introduction and conclusion by Pr. Hassan ZAHOUANI

  • Session 1: Skin diagnostic and home devices

Overview of nomad measurement devices: a new approach to efficiency measurement

Pascale BARLIER - Cos&Co

Remote In-vivo Metrology " In Use". An added value for the knowledge of the action of the products and their validation? Advantages, limits and complementarity with controlled laboratory measurement

Jean-Christophe PITTET - Orion Technolab 

Taking skin microbiome testing to new heights: from at-home consumer tests to allying with top brands to support them with their product testing 

Pétronille HOUDARD - Sequential Skin

  • Session 2: Cosmetics treatment and home devices

How smart, home connected mirrors can impact research and routines

Thomas SERVAL - Baracoda

LED-based Home Use Devices (HUD) - the new next frontier in skin rejuvenation

Lieve DECLERCQ - Lightinderm

  • Session 3: Skin exploration

4D clinical scoring, the contribution of imaging to enhance evaluation performance

Agnès LAVOIX, Dermatech-Complife group and Mélanie PEDRAZZANI, Damae

Global or local age? Impact of the facial areas in assessing perceived age 

Samuel RALAMBONDRAINY - LVMH Perfums & Cosmetics

Peter KOLIAS - Canfield

Anne CHARPENTIER - Skinobs

Program 24/05

25/05: Cosmetotest Clinical Day

  • Session 1: Well-aging and mature Skin 

Raman and infrared spectroscopy: principles, analytical capabilities and experimental limitations for cosmetics applications

Pr. Olivier PIOT - Université de Reims

Well-ageing and neurocosmetics: : How sensory, cross-modal congruency or active fragrance in cosmetics can contribute to better – well ageing ? Emotional cosmetic, the future of cosmetics

Anne ABRIAT - The Smell Taste Lab 

New Approach on global face ageing evaluation 

Jean-Jacques SERVANT - Eotech

The role of a social aesthetician in providing care and promoting wellbeing for vulnerable people

Natacha SULLIVAN - The Beauty of Caring CIC

Be an expert in Raman spectroscopy with the gen2-SCA Skin Composition Analyzer

Gerwin PUPPELS - RiverD International

Well-ageing : panorama and challenges of the beauty after 55 years

Romain PRZYIEMSKI - Syres

Dynamical facial measurements: New methods to show perceived firmness and elasticity effects after 65 y.old using ultra slow motion videos and kinematic analysis


Demonstrate the effectiveness of your clinikcal trials thanks to images

Sébastien MANGERUCA - Pixience

X-ray diffraction - a sensitive tool for assessing collagen quality in cosmetics tests 

Jean DOUCET - Novitom

Jean-André LAPART - Biomeca

  • Session 2: Growth and Regeneration of Hair and Nails

New approach for hair keratin characterization: Use of the confocal Raman spectroscopy to assess the effect of thermal stress on human hair fibre

Bérengère GRANGER and Nada ANDRÉ - Sisley

Protocols and Devices for Nail-related Product Claims

Camilla GRIGNANI - Etichub 

Molecular biomarkers for haircare & nailcare claim subsantiation

Martin BARAIBAR - OxiProteomics

Breakthrough on hyaluronic acid penetration inside hair fibres and keratin interaction for a smoothing effect explained

Cloé BOIRA - Givaudan Active Beauty 

Seasonal effect in the hair loss

Jakub POPLAWSKI - Zurko Research

Evaluation of the UV impact on hair breakage

Erika MARIOTTI - SP Equation

Sophie SPARKS - Dia-Stron

  • Session 3: Evaluation of the prone to acne skin

Oily and acne-prone Skincare Products: how can assess the effects ? 

Victoria DAUPHANT - Dermatech-Complife Group

Innovative approaches to the characterization of multi-phototype acne skin 

Alix DANOY - Newtone Technologies

Antera 3D, skin redness and prone to acne skin

Guido MARIOTTO - Miravex

Automate and streamline Skin Measurement with DATACAPT and Monaderm CLS

Florentin ORY - Datacapt

Program 25/05

26/05: Cosmetotest Preclinical Day

  • Session 1: Endocrine Disruptors Evaluation

Endocrine disruptors and nuclear receptors: how to prioritize?

Dr Frédéric FLAMANT – IGFL (Institut de Génomique Fonctionnelle de Lyon)

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: update on our knowledge and implications for the future

Dr Christine LAFFORGUE – Université Paris Saclay

A new strategy to detect binding to a set of endocrine receptors in silico methods 


Screening Endocrine disruption activity on Cosmetics: from Raw Material to final products

Thomas RICOUR – Perturbateur Endocrinien (Nir Industrie)

An overview of in vitro testing available to screen the different axis of the Endocrine Disruption

Sjoerd  VERKAART - Charles River

  • Session 2: The place of organoids, spheroids and organ-on-chips in dermocosmetics

Vascularized skin organoids as models for skin pathologies

Dr Xavier GIDROL - CEA Grenoble

Advantages and limitations of 3D spheroids platforms for preclinical applications

Marisa MELONI - Vitroscreen

Skin-on-a-chip models: an innovative and relevant in-vitro platform for dermocosmetic testing 

Alexandre GUICHARD - Netri

Human iPSC-derived sebocytes, a powerful tool for pre-clinical

Julien MARUOTTI - Phenocell

Novel Micro-Physiological Model of Human Adipose Tissue Mimicking Fibrotic and ProInflammatory Microenvironments

Luigi FORMICOLA - ExAdEx-Innov

The Promises and Challenges of 3D Cell Structures 

Florian MIGNOT - Promega France

Skin imagin from 2d to 3D

Jean-Michel LAGARDE - Imactiv-3D

Advanced computer-connected 3D printed human skin models for Cosmetics testing 

Colin MC GUCKIN - CTIBiotech 

  • Session 3: Parallel of in-vitro and in-vivo testing

Pr Dominique SIGAUDO-ROUSSEL (LBTI) and Amélie THEPOT (Labskin Creations)

Advantages and limitations of vitro/vivo approaches to sun protection

Anna LUDWIKOWSKA – Eurofins Dermscan Poland

Epidermic stem cell orchestrates skin firmness and radiance thanks to their anchorage to the dermal epidermal junction

Anne-Laure BULTEAU - LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics

Advantages and limitations of vitro/vivo approaches to sun protection

Anna LUDWIKOWSKA - Eurofins Dermscan Poland

Use of skin explants to study complex skin mechanisms before clinical strategies

Céline LAPERDRIX - Codif International 

A new live cell assay for the quantitative measurement of anti-Blue Light and anti-UV effects of cosmetics ingredients

Aurélie FLOCH - Anti Oxidant Power

U-Skin™: The only polymer skin which mimics sweat and sebum mechanisms

Fabrice MONTI - Microfactory

Correlation of in vitro and in vivo hydratation tests

Michela POLLASTRI - Abich

Between in-vitro and in-vivo: Injured ex-vivo human skin model to study efficiency of dermocosmetic compounds on re-epithelialization

Philippe BEDOS - Syntivia

How to best challenge your product for its action on the microbiota

Hervé MOLINERO - BioFilm Control

Program 26/05
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