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2024 Program

29/05: Clinical Day

Session 1
Cool effect and thermic dynamics of the skin
  • Jean-Jacques SERVANT - ACT4C

Measurement techniques for skin temperature measurement

  • Clara GIBIELLE - Clarins

Evaluation of a cooling effect:  assessment and comparison between a face care and home use devices 

Session 2
Biomechanicals properties : Skin and hair
  • Pr Hassan ZAHOUANI - LTDS

Title to be confirmed

  • Etienne CAMEL - IEC 

Contact and non-contact measurements of the biomechanical properties of the skin: understanding and relevance of parameters for investigating the effect of cosmetic products

  • Leïla BERRICHE - Henkel 

Title to be confirmed

  • Sophie CONNETABLE - L'Oréal R&I 

Decoding skin thightness: From a clinical evidence to an instrumentation and biological proof of sensorial stimulation perception

  • Trevor EVANS - Princeton 

The remarkable biomechanical properties of hair 

  • Erika MARIOTTI - SP Equation 

Title to be confirmed

Session 3
Repair and well-being : skin and scalp
  • Ferial FANIAN - Laboratoires Fillmed

Biorevitalization and it's effect on skin quality

  • Anne-Marie PENSÉ-LHÉRITIER - FRM GaleSens

Well-being and cosmetics: a review of the assessment methodologies

  • Sophie MAC-MARY - Skinexigence

Skin repair assessments methods

Program 29/05

30/05: Preclinical Day

Session 1
Safety: from irritation to sensitization
  • Marc PALLARDY - Université Paris-Saclay

NAMs (New Alternatives Methods) in chemical sensitization: from science to risk-assessment

  • Nathalie ALEPEE - L'Oréal

Next Generation Risk Assessment (NGRA) for skin sensitization: the journey toward the current framework and it's application to case studies

  • Frédéric NUNZI - SGS Idea Lab

Overview of in vitro regulatory toxicology tests for safety evaluation of cosmetics: from irritation to sensitization

Session 2
What parallel between Cosmetics & Nutraceuticals in preclinical evaluation 
  • Vincent DANI - ExAdEx-Innov

Title to be confirmed

  • Florence CHEZET - UMR 1019 INRAE Unité Nutrition Humaine, Equipe Ecrein, Université Clermont Auvergne

Innovative natural health products : from screening to nutri-cosmetic applications 

  • Marisa MELONI and Marilita MAZZARELLI - Vitroscreen

Skin: a common target for Cosmetics and Nutritionals Ingredients 

Session 3 
How environmental cultures conditions answer the challenges of in-vitro and ex-vivo assays
  • Hanan OSMAN-PONCHET - PKderm

2D and 3D In Vitro skin models: a promising tool for evaluating the anti-inflammatory properties of cosmetics ingredients and products

  • Nadira CHETTOUH HAMMAS - CNRS d'Orléans

Preserving skin oxygenation: a novel challenge in in-vitro testing

Program 30/05
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